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Apartments for running in the Venice marathon
If you are an amateur or professional sportsman, or if you simply enjoy sporting events, you should not miss the Venice Marathon. The event takes place every year, usually on the fourth Sunday of October, so it is an important date to keep in mind when deciding the best time to plan your holiday in Venice. We have many different apartments available in a variety of sizes, types and styles, located in every zone of the lagoon city.
Apartments for Venice’s international Biennale Art Exhibition
If you are thinking of booking a holiday in Venice and would like to be there for one of its most important cultural events, you could choose one of our rental apartments in the lagoon city. This would be the best way to experience the famous Venice Biennale, one of the most important and prestigious art exhibitions in the world. The principal aim of this historic initiative is to promote new artistic trends by organising international exhibitions of contemporary art. Because its importance is recognised the world over, the Italian term “biennale” is used universally as it is synonymous with the great international event, regardless of the actual frequency.
Immerse yourself in Venice’s magical carnival by renting one of our Apartments
Our rental apartments are waiting for you to raise the curtain and enjoy the fun of the Venetian Carnival. We have many rental apartments available in excellent locations such as, for example, along the Grand Canal, which is a perfect zone for participating in the grand, exclusive masked balls in one of the magnificent palazzos overlooking the Canal. At the parties you will be able to meet and dance with people from all over the world in a rarefied, timeless atmosphere. Alternatively, you might choose one of our holiday apartments near Piazza San Marco, which is a perfect spot for attending the “Volo della Colombina” – the “Flight of the Dove”, or “Flight of the Angel”, the event which marks the traditional opening of the Carnival, as well as the famous parades of classic, Venetian masks.
Apartments in Venice for Vogalonga
Venice is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places in the world with its unforgettable views as well as its rich history, culture and ancient traditions. If you would like to experience one of the city’s unmissable events, you must come to Venice for your holiday during the annual Vogalonga regatta. Our holiday apartments are an excellent choice and the best way of experiencing Venice and this maritime festival. Unlike other events, the Vogalonga is a young festival for the city although it has become important for both Venetians and tourists in a short space of time. On 11th November 1974, a regatta took place in Venice involving amateurs and professionals. The occasion gave birth to the idea of establishing a regatta for Venetian rowing enthusiasts.
Apartments for Venice’s “Festa della Madonna della Salute”
Booking one of our rental apartments in the Sestriere (district) of Dorsoduro, the Salute – Accademia zone, will put you in a prime position for watching the procession of many thousands of Venetians who still today flock to the imposing Chiesa della Salute to give thanks to the Virgin Mary in front of the main altar. This event is linked to the terrible plague of 1630-31 and to the vow made by the then Doge to dedicate a church to the Virgin Mary so that she would release them from the plague. During this festival, you will be able to see for yourself how much the occasion means to the Venetians. It is a deeply religious and spiritual event in which everyone participates and the feelings it evokes tie in perfectly with Venetian history and tradition.
Apartments for Venice’s famous regatta
Venice is famous for its monuments and churches of inestimable artistic and cultural value and for its majestic buildings, romantic views and unforgettable rides in gondolas. But Venice is also much more than this. It draws tourists from all over the world for its unique ancient traditions which the Venetians cherish and celebrate in great style. One such case is the world famous historic Venice Regatta which has always attracted crowds of enthusiasts and people who are simply interested to see it, every September.
Apartments for the film festival on Venice’s Lido
One of the most important events to take place in Venice is the Film Festival which is held in the city every year at the beginning of September. During the period, Venice is transformed into a catwalk for international VIPs who flock to the Festival from all over the world. Booking one of our rental apartments for your holiday in Venice during the Film Festival, you will have a unique stay in the comfort which is typical of our apartments and you will enjoy the services which we offer exclusively to our clients.
Apartments for the festival of the Redeemer in Venice
If you want to find out more about the Venetians during the holiday period in Venice, you could choose the period of the Festival of the Redeemer (festa del Redentore) which takes place in Venice every year in July, especially on the third Sunday of the month. This festival holds a special place in the hearts of the Venetians. The city dresses up in festival costume and everything more or less grinds to a halt to make the most of the occasion. The exuberance with which it has always been celebrated dates back to its origins a long time ago.