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A cultural holiday in the historic centre of Venice
Venetian art is characterised by three influences which have moulded it over the centuries: Byzantine art, of which a clear example is the Basilica di San Marco with its five domes and splendid Byzantine mosaics; Gothic art which is easily recognisable on the external facades of numerous palazzos; and the Renaissance which, more than anything, has had an enormous influence on Venetian painting. This is evident in works by artists such as Bellini, Tintoretto and many others. In the Castello district we have comfortable apartments to rent which are ideally located for anyone wishing to visit events such as Venice’s Biennale D’Arte or the International Exhibition of Cinema of Venice.
Why choose an apartment for your low cost holiday in Venice
For many travellers, their dream is to be able to blend in with the locals for a brief period and to experience staying in their chosen destination as if they truly lived there, far from the realities of mass tourism. Not everyone takes into consideration, however, that probably the best way of understanding and getting to know the place you are planning to visit, is to rent an apartment. There are many reasons for preferring it to any other type of possible accommodation but the main ones are freedom, privacy and economy.
Apartments where you can live as a True Venetian
The best way to experience this authentic side of Venice is by renting a holiday apartment in the more traditionally residential areas of the city which are also the most stunning. Choosing one of our apartments in a quieter area will give you a unique opportunity to experience in full the true spirit of Venice whilst still being able to visit the most famous sights which have always acted as a magnet to millions of tourists from all over the world. Because of Venice’s small size, places such as Piazza San Marco or Rialto, as well as many of the other famous sights and attractions, can be easily reached in a short time, even from the less central zones.