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Apartments in venetian style in the historic centre of Venice
If you wish to have a unique holiday in Venice, you should certainly choose one of our authentic Venetian-style rental apartments in the historic centre. This would give you the opportunity of immersing yourself completely in the unique, traditional atmosphere of the lagoon city. The Venetian style is famous throughout the world and it possesses very particular features compared to any other style, whether ancient or modern. In your apartment you will find wonderful marble floors and the exposed beams which are renowned and valued the world over.
Modern style apartments in the historic centre of Venice
Spending your holiday in Venice, staying in the historic centre, means breathing in the city’s magic every day. Our apartments, which are located in all areas of Venice, guarantee that you will have an unforgettable holiday where you can live simply in this most beautiful of cities. Our apartments feature a range of styles to suit every taste. Just because our apartments are in Venice’s historic centre does not, however, mean having to forgot modernity. Many of our apartments are of modern, contemporary design and will give you a warm welcome in tasteful surroundings and simple style. The minimalist style features gleaming, polished furniture reflecting the warm Venetian light and plants which adorn and embellish the surroundings. Chrome furniture makes the interiors of these modern style rental apartments sparkling and resolutely contemporary although they are located in historic surroundings.
Apartments with a garden in Venice’s historic centre
If you are planning your holiday in Venice, you are probably looking for accommodation which will make you feel welcome in this wonderful city. Perhaps you have been looking at hotels or B&Bs in the alleys of the historic centre which look beautiful and appealing. You may however feel that the living space in some of these buildings is rather cramped. If you are looking for spacious accommodation right in the centre of the lagoon city, with the added bonus of a private garden, you have come to the right place. The perfect solution for your holiday accommodation in Venice is to rent one of our centrally located apartments with a private garden, something which is a rare commodity in the city.
Apartments with a Terrace in Venice’s Historic Centre
If you rent one of our apartments in the historic centre of Venice it will ensure that you are staying in a very convenient location as you will be very close to all the principal attractions in the city, making the most of your holiday in Venice. If you are thinking of planning a holiday in the spring or summer, you might like to think of renting one of our apartments located in the historic centre with a terrace or “altana” (a roof terrace typical of Venice). Venice is rich in history, art and tradition but it is equally famous for its unforgettable panoramas making those who visit it want to stay for ever.