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Travel in safety: apartments sanitised in compliance with the anti Covid -19 legislation

During this period, the safety and sanitisation of living accommodation is essential to ensure the safety of our guests. follows an anti Covid-19 protocol with procedures that comply with the legislation to sanitise our properties that are superior to customary, simple hygiene and sanitary maintenance.


An apartment is itself a way to guarantee avoiding shared spaces with other people. is committed to making your stay even safer by operating a rigid protocol of professional sanitisation after each guest’s stay in the apartment:

- Ventilation of all spaces and elimination of anything edible

- A virucidal product sprayed over all furniture, including baths, fridges, beds, chandeliers and any object inside the apartment

- Use of a sanitising, oxygen-developing spray on all textile fabrics (e.g. sofas, curtains...)

- Use of a sanitising, stabilised oxygen detergent to clean and sanitise the floors


Upon request, can provide guests with sterilisation of the rooms using OZONE, a powerful sanitiser that is completely safe to use as it leaves no residue and ELIMINATES more than 99% of all viruses present on the surfaces. Ozone is recognised by the Ministry of Health as a natural defence for sterilising surroundings.


Travel in complete safety with We look forward to seeing you!



Sanificated room