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Vacation Blog in Venice: tips on choosing the best apartment in Venice based on areas, seasons and events.

Cannaregio Apartments
If you opt to spend your holiday in Venice in a rental apartment in the Cannaregio district you will certainly find it an ideal location for making the most of your holiday in this magical city. This district is especially convenient for anyone who decides to come to Venice by train with the Santa Lucia railway station which has easy access from the mainland. Apartments in Cannaregio are excellent for exploring Venice’s lagoon. From the Fondamenta Nove to the north of the city, you can reach the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello, attractions which should not be missed during your stay in the lagoon city.
Arsenale - Biennale Apartments
Most visitors, who choose Venice as their holiday destination, choose accommodation in the very central areas. Those who wish to discover the “real” Venice, however, prefer booking an apartment off the beaten track, away from the tourist crowds, shops and restaurants which are typical of the centre. For this type of traveller, we suggest renting an apartment in the Arsenale – Biennale district of Venice, a tranquil area in the Castello district, which is known as the “tail of Venice”. Far from the tourist crowds in the centre, it is an elegant, residential area from where one has a stunning view of the southern part of the lagoon and the islands of San Giorgio, La Grazia and San Servolo Via Garibaldi, the principal street in the district, is renowned for its traditional shops and restaurants, which are far from the “tourist trap” concept bars in the centre.
Salute - Accademia Apartments
This zone is elegant and very peaceful, with a wealth of wonderful art galleries where you can see and enjoy classical, modern and contemporary works of art. Amongst the best art galleries, we should mention the Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art, the Punta della Dogana Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as the Accademia Galleries which house some of the most important works of classical art in the city by artists of the calibre of Titian, Tintoretto, Leonardo Da Vinci, Bellini and many others.
San Marco Apartments
Choosing the right accommodation in Venice is essential so that you can enjoy in full the beauty and unique charm of this timeless, world famous city. What better way to do this than by choosing an apartment in the San Marco area, known as the “jewel” of Venice because it is small and precious? Choosing to rent an apartment in this part of Venice will transform your stay into a dream holiday. You will be just a short distance from Piazza San Marco, one of the most beautiful and famous piazzas in the world, surrounded by unrivalled architectural beauty and centuries-long history.
Rialto Apartments
When people are planning a trip to Venice, they often try to find accommodation in an area which will give them the best feel of what it is really like to live in the city during their visit. Choosing to rent an apartment in the Rialto area means you will certainly make the most of your holiday in Venice, as there is a wide selection of bars and cafés, luxury shops such as the Fondaco dei Tedeschi and many different types of restaurant. A few metres from your rental apartment you will find the Rialto Bridge, the oldest and most picturesque bridge in Venice. It crosses the Grand Canal and is synonymous with the very history and architecture which so typify this city.
Rialto Market - Frari Apartments
If you wish to spend your holiday in Venice in the oldest and most traditional part of the city, you should definitely consider renting a flat in the Rialto Market – Frari zone. Here in the Sestiere (district) of San Polo, a few steps from your Venice flat, is the historic Rialto Market. It is well worth a visit and you will be able to mingle with Venetians and tourists to browse or buy the best fish, fruit and vegetable for lunch or supper. In the surrounding area you will also find the church of San Giacometo – reproduced by Canaletto in one of his famous paintings.- considered to be the oldest church in Venice.
Choosing an apartment for your holidays in Mestre will allow you to easily reach the historic center of Venice. Mestre is part of the Municipality of Venice and is the part of the city located on the mainland: it is connected to the Historic Center of Venice via the "Bridge of Liberty" which crosses the magnificent Venice lagoon. From Mestre it is possible to reach the historic center in 20 minutes either by car or by bus or train. Connections to Venice are convenient and frequent.
Giudecca Apartments
Our rental apartments in Venice are also located in the less touristy, mainly residential zones inhabited by Venetians. Some of our holiday apartments are located on the Giudecca, a group of islands separated from the rest of the old centre of Venice by the canal bearing its name. It is the ideal zone for those who wish to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and tranquillity of the lagoon during their stay in this magical city. This part of Venice takes its name, Giudecca, from the first Jewish settlement on the island before the establishment of the Ghetto.
This list of apartments that we offer for rent are located on the mainland: it means in all areas near the Municipality of Venice (Ancient City and Mestre). All the apartments have in common the fact that they are located in municipalities neighboring Venice from where it is easy to reach the historic center of the ancient city. These apartments often stand out for their excellent quality/price ratio. Check the exact location of your apartment on the map.
Islands of the Venice Lagoon
The magnificent Venice Lagoon is the largest lagoon in the Mediterranean Sea and has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition to the islands that make up the historic center of Venice, the lagoon of Venice is home to other very characteristic islands. In the northern part of the lagoon we find the island of Murano with its glass factories, further north we find the magnificent and colorful island of Burano and the ancient island of Torcello. Moving east we find the Lido of Venice, famous for its beautiful beach and home to the "Venice Film Festival".
A cultural holiday in the historic centre of Venice
Venetian art is characterised by three influences which have moulded it over the centuries: Byzantine art, of which a clear example is the Basilica di San Marco with its five domes and splendid Byzantine mosaics; Gothic art which is easily recognisable on the external facades of numerous palazzos; and the Renaissance which, more than anything, has had an enormous influence on Venetian painting. This is evident in works by artists such as Bellini, Tintoretto and many others. In the Castello district we have comfortable apartments to rent which are ideally located for anyone wishing to visit events such as Venice’s Biennale D’Arte or the International Exhibition of Cinema of Venice.
Apartments on the Grand Canal, Historic Centre of Venice
The buildings overlooking the Grand Canal are recognised, historically and universally, as being the most remarkable in Venice. They are the most prestigious both from the architectural and artistic point of view and for their position from which you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama which will fill your eyes and heart with its timeless beauty. The Grand Canal, which is the city’s main canal, is effectively a huge serpent, some four kilometres long, which crosses Venice starting from the Ponte della Libertà, the bridge which joins the mainland to the historic centre and ending up at the Basin of St. Mark’s.
Apartments in venetian style in the historic centre of Venice
If you wish to have a unique holiday in Venice, you should certainly choose one of our authentic Venetian-style rental apartments in the historic centre. This would give you the opportunity of immersing yourself completely in the unique, traditional atmosphere of the lagoon city. The Venetian style is famous throughout the world and it possesses very particular features compared to any other style, whether ancient or modern. In your apartment you will find wonderful marble floors and the exposed beams which are renowned and valued the world over.
Apartments for running in the Venice marathon
If you are an amateur or professional sportsman, or if you simply enjoy sporting events, you should not miss the Venice Marathon. The event takes place every year, usually on the fourth Sunday of October, so it is an important date to keep in mind when deciding the best time to plan your holiday in Venice. We have many different apartments available in a variety of sizes, types and styles, located in every zone of the lagoon city.
Apartments for Venice’s international Biennale Art Exhibition
If you are thinking of booking a holiday in Venice and would like to be there for one of its most important cultural events, you could choose one of our rental apartments in the lagoon city. This would be the best way to experience the famous Venice Biennale, one of the most important and prestigious art exhibitions in the world. The principal aim of this historic initiative is to promote new artistic trends by organising international exhibitions of contemporary art. Because its importance is recognised the world over, the Italian term “biennale” is used universally as it is synonymous with the great international event, regardless of the actual frequency.
Modern style apartments in the historic centre of Venice
Spending your holiday in Venice, staying in the historic centre, means breathing in the city’s magic every day. Our apartments, which are located in all areas of Venice, guarantee that you will have an unforgettable holiday where you can live simply in this most beautiful of cities. Our apartments feature a range of styles to suit every taste. Just because our apartments are in Venice’s historic centre does not, however, mean having to forgot modernity. Many of our apartments are of modern, contemporary design and will give you a warm welcome in tasteful surroundings and simple style. The minimalist style features gleaming, polished furniture reflecting the warm Venetian light and plants which adorn and embellish the surroundings. Chrome furniture makes the interiors of these modern style rental apartments sparkling and resolutely contemporary although they are located in historic surroundings.
Why choose an apartment for your low cost holiday in Venice
For many travellers, their dream is to be able to blend in with the locals for a brief period and to experience staying in their chosen destination as if they truly lived there, far from the realities of mass tourism. Not everyone takes into consideration, however, that probably the best way of understanding and getting to know the place you are planning to visit, is to rent an apartment. There are many reasons for preferring it to any other type of possible accommodation but the main ones are freedom, privacy and economy.
Apartments where you can live as a True Venetian
The best way to experience this authentic side of Venice is by renting a holiday apartment in the more traditionally residential areas of the city which are also the most stunning. Choosing one of our apartments in a quieter area will give you a unique opportunity to experience in full the true spirit of Venice whilst still being able to visit the most famous sights which have always acted as a magnet to millions of tourists from all over the world. Because of Venice’s small size, places such as Piazza San Marco or Rialto, as well as many of the other famous sights and attractions, can be easily reached in a short time, even from the less central zones.
Apartments with a garden in Venice’s historic centre
If you are planning your holiday in Venice, you are probably looking for accommodation which will make you feel welcome in this wonderful city. Perhaps you have been looking at hotels or B&Bs in the alleys of the historic centre which look beautiful and appealing. You may however feel that the living space in some of these buildings is rather cramped. If you are looking for spacious accommodation right in the centre of the lagoon city, with the added bonus of a private garden, you have come to the right place. The perfect solution for your holiday accommodation in Venice is to rent one of our centrally located apartments with a private garden, something which is a rare commodity in the city.
Immerse yourself in Venice’s magical carnival by renting one of our Apartments
Our rental apartments are waiting for you to raise the curtain and enjoy the fun of the Venetian Carnival. We have many rental apartments available in excellent locations such as, for example, along the Grand Canal, which is a perfect zone for participating in the grand, exclusive masked balls in one of the magnificent palazzos overlooking the Canal. At the parties you will be able to meet and dance with people from all over the world in a rarefied, timeless atmosphere. Alternatively, you might choose one of our holiday apartments near Piazza San Marco, which is a perfect spot for attending the “Volo della Colombina” – the “Flight of the Dove”, or “Flight of the Angel”, the event which marks the traditional opening of the Carnival, as well as the famous parades of classic, Venetian masks.
Apartments with a Terrace in Venice’s Historic Centre
If you rent one of our apartments in the historic centre of Venice it will ensure that you are staying in a very convenient location as you will be very close to all the principal attractions in the city, making the most of your holiday in Venice. If you are thinking of planning a holiday in the spring or summer, you might like to think of renting one of our apartments located in the historic centre with a terrace or “altana” (a roof terrace typical of Venice). Venice is rich in history, art and tradition but it is equally famous for its unforgettable panoramas making those who visit it want to stay for ever.
Apartments in Venice for Vogalonga
Venice is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places in the world with its unforgettable views as well as its rich history, culture and ancient traditions. If you would like to experience one of the city’s unmissable events, you must come to Venice for your holiday during the annual Vogalonga regatta. Our holiday apartments are an excellent choice and the best way of experiencing Venice and this maritime festival. Unlike other events, the Vogalonga is a young festival for the city although it has become important for both Venetians and tourists in a short space of time. On 11th November 1974, a regatta took place in Venice involving amateurs and professionals. The occasion gave birth to the idea of establishing a regatta for Venetian rowing enthusiasts.
Come and spend an enchanting weekend in Venice
Are you thinking of spending a weekend in Venice? We have some suggestions for you. The ideal solution for a short holiday, romantic or cultural, is to rent an apartment in Venice for the weekend (or a Holiday Home in Venice): there are many reasons for choosing this option rather than other types of accommodation, above all freedom, privacy, saving money and the ability to experience the city in all its aspects. What to do in a weekend in Venice? Little time and lots of things to see? Are you staying for two or three days?
Apartments for Venice’s “Festa della Madonna della Salute”
Booking one of our rental apartments in the Sestriere (district) of Dorsoduro, the Salute – Accademia zone, will put you in a prime position for watching the procession of many thousands of Venetians who still today flock to the imposing Chiesa della Salute to give thanks to the Virgin Mary in front of the main altar. This event is linked to the terrible plague of 1630-31 and to the vow made by the then Doge to dedicate a church to the Virgin Mary so that she would release them from the plague. During this festival, you will be able to see for yourself how much the occasion means to the Venetians. It is a deeply religious and spiritual event in which everyone participates and the feelings it evokes tie in perfectly with Venetian history and tradition.
Where to stay in Venice, The Best Solutions
Where to stay in Venice? It is a legitimate question and one which every visitor or tourist asks themselves when they want to visit this magnificent city. The fundamental point is surely to choose an apartment in central Venice (Historic): it is now also possible to find apartments to rent in the outskirts of Venice, in areas like Venezia-Mestre or Marghera, areas which are often neglected and grey. Choosing this option means completely missing out on the magic of a holiday in Venice. Waking up in the morning and looking out over the Grand Canal and its architectural marvels is not exactly like opening the window overlooking a grey station on the outskirts.
Apartments for Venice’s famous regatta
Venice is famous for its monuments and churches of inestimable artistic and cultural value and for its majestic buildings, romantic views and unforgettable rides in gondolas. But Venice is also much more than this. It draws tourists from all over the world for its unique ancient traditions which the Venetians cherish and celebrate in great style. One such case is the world famous historic Venice Regatta which has always attracted crowds of enthusiasts and people who are simply interested to see it, every September.
Apartments for the film festival on Venice’s Lido
One of the most important events to take place in Venice is the Film Festival which is held in the city every year at the beginning of September. During the period, Venice is transformed into a catwalk for international VIPs who flock to the Festival from all over the world. Booking one of our rental apartments for your holiday in Venice during the Film Festival, you will have a unique stay in the comfort which is typical of our apartments and you will enjoy the services which we offer exclusively to our clients.
Apartments for the festival of the Redeemer in Venice
If you want to find out more about the Venetians during the holiday period in Venice, you could choose the period of the Festival of the Redeemer (festa del Redentore) which takes place in Venice every year in July, especially on the third Sunday of the month. This festival holds a special place in the hearts of the Venetians. The city dresses up in festival costume and everything more or less grinds to a halt to make the most of the occasion. The exuberance with which it has always been celebrated dates back to its origins a long time ago.